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Retrospective "C side" First Album "SUBARU" <Track List> 01. Happiness is in our hands 02. Ma-Wa-Ri-Te-Me-Ku-Ru 03. DICTIONARY 04. Serenade 05. DODO 06. ONOMATOPE 07. Triple ZERO (Bonus Track) ....... Retrospective new album "SUBARU" released! This is the first album of Retrospective’s "C side" project which has been receiving many wonderful feedbacks. The C side is a project that started in 2020, and in addition to the cello and piano, vocal is included to express the message we want to convey as lyrics. However, the vocal is not the main element. It is just as important as the piano and cello. We use the piano and cello to express the emotions that cannot be fully expressed by words, and use the power of lyrics to convey our thoughts specifically. We are willing to deliver the happiness of the earth. Hope you enjoy ✨ <Sample>